New York improv team: The 11th Hour Show

In an underground lounge theatre beneath St. Mark's... In the glow of a huge, ever-present ticking clock... A troupe of actors has exactly one hour to create a show just for YOU! Acclaimed comedy group Face Off Unlimited (“Really Funny” - The New York Times) has chosen St. Mark's Place, one of the last strongholds of New York cool, for 11th Hour - a weekly, late night celebration of comedy, music and mayhem. 11th Hour begins at exactly 11pm and ends at exactly midnight. In a city that is quickly being homogenized, you can still see the real magic of NYC on St. Marks Place. Time is running out! Every Saturday at 11:00 is your chance, but don't be late, at midnight the spell is broken! Food and drinks may be ordered from the world famous Jebon Suhi; no minimums!